DPI Consultants offer a vide range of services to our students, from university admissions, to issuance of Study Visa, preparations for IELTS, PTE and other international examinations, we also offer career counseling sessions. Our experience in this industry is been more than a decade now and up till now we have successfully admitted more than 5000 plus students into their dream college in their dream countries. If you are a student and are searching for foreign universities and not sure where will you be the best fit, than look no more, DPI will get the job done for you.

University Admissions

At DPI Consultants, we have carefully curated a panel of top universities that we work closely with to identify and recruit exceptional talent. These universities have proven track records of academic excellence, industry relevance, and producing graduates who possess the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the consultancy field.

Our panel of universities includes renowned institutions such as Angela Ruskin University, University of Chester, University of Western Scotland, Kings Own Institute and LA Trobe, among others. These universities are widely recognized for their rigorous academic programs, distinguished faculty, and strong industry connections.

Apart from on panel Universities we also provide full guidance on off panel universities from various countries, these are usually top universities from around the globe e.g The IVY League.


The International English Language Testing System, is a standardized test of English language proficiency for non-native English language speakers. Our talented team of expert individuals will guide you through IELTS exam, with interesting insights of past trends and metrics, so our students get the needed result for university admissions abroad. Our course usually last for around 4 week and we prepare students for written and verbal tests and also perfect them for their interviews as well.

Study Visa

One of the most complicated elements of foreign education is that many students get admissions in their dream universities but they fail to get Study Visa for the particular country therefore their dream to study abroad is halted. Here at DPI, we value the importance of Visa process and we understand how tricky it may become hence we have only the most qualified Visa experts to follow your Visa process from the very beginning and make sure you get your Visa on time.

The first step that the DPI visa department takes is to finish the visa application process is to submit the application, either online or on paper. Secondly locating the embassy in your city or state (of the country you are travelling to). Thirdly pay the non-refundable application fee. On step four they make an appointment for your visa interview. Lastly, they prepare you for your interview.

The MOI and Ministry of Education receive student requests. After receiving NOC from the relevant country’s diplomatic mission in Pakistan, the ministry of education, the economic affairs division, the ministry of health, where appropriate, and security clearance, student visas are issued.

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